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A week has passed in the new royal era. Prince William is back at his airbase. Kate is in the supermarket. The Queen is at Windsor Castle. The media circus has packed its satellite dishes and left town. The bunting has been recycled. Like a cartwheeling verger, we’ve watched the world turn upside down and then revolve right-way up again. Everything looks as it did before. But everything has changed.

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DAILY EXPRESS 31st August 2004

Twenty-three years ago the House of Windsor metaphorically tapped us loyal subjects on the shoulder and invited us to welcome Diana Spencer into our collective life. Such a royal wish was easy to obey – Prince Charles’s photogenic young fiancée seemed just the sort of new recruit the monarchy needed.

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SUNDAY TELEGRAPH 26th October 2003

Paul Burrell was on the edge of tears. I couldn’t hear the words but I could see the pleading in his eyes.

He was begging the Prince of Wales for his job and the Prince was squirming. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Sacked staff were supposed to do their crying in private and then front up for their farewell handshake with a brave smile. Not ambush him at the staff Christmas drinks with an uncomfortably real display of emotion. A posse of private secretaries and personnel officers closed in on the two men and I turned back to my duties at the Princess of Wales’s side.

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