Patrick JephsonBorn and raised in Ireland, Patrick has a masters degree in Political Science from Cambridge University. Commissioned into the Royal Navy, he served at sea and ashore all over the world before being selected for duty in the Royal Household. For eight years he was Equerry and the first and only Private Secretary (Chief of Staff) to HRH The Princess of Wales. He was appointed Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order (LVO) for personal service to the Sovereign.

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  • Prince Harry and the toxic gloss of celebrity

    Prince Harry’s ability to attract scandalous headlines reveals a monarchy in thrall to a very modern PR machine

    So that’s all right, then. Prince Harry is either a gallant young officer letting off a bit of well-earned steam or he’s the ultimate party animal doing what any red-blooded bloke would surely do given half a chance (and a Duchy of Cornwall credit card). Or perhaps he’s a bit of both.

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    On the day that Princess Diana died, after a morning of numb disbelief and phone calls, it was a relief to go grocery shopping. When I reached the checkout line I was surprised to see at every till a yellow bucket into which shoppers were tossing loose change.

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"I trust what Patrick Jephson says. He's erudite, intelligent and he's an expressive writer."

Richard Kay in The Independent, 23rd April 2011

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